Love really is…all around us. Part two

IMG_0898Finally, the long awaited appearance of Adele, as she mellifluously sings “Hello’, dressed in glittering bronze. There is no doubt that her voice resonated perfectly throughout the enormous stadium. It became apparent very quickly we were going to be a willing participant in something greater than just hearing the vocal talent of this singer/songwriter…

I think for me, another reason for the emotion, was that first moment you see someone you’ve been admiring for a long time…I was so excited for my husband and everyone else who had made the journey to be present tonight…remember how that first glimpse can often release many pent up emotions?

As much as her songs do evoke emotion, it’s the ‘between songs’ conversation and banter where just as much magic occurs.

You see, I believe her gifts are more expansive than those mentioned above. She is able to foster a connection not only between herself and the audience, but within the audience…she brings out the best in us. I’ve had a little saying that came to me one day after a coffee catch up with a dear friend… ‘I like who I am when I’m with you’. I believe Adele offers us this gift.

How does she create this atmosphere?
She is infectiously joyful in her banter with the audience, including swear words to convey how anxious and overwhelmed she feels by being in front of so many people…she can laugh at herself and not take herself too seriously. She is much grounded in reality.

During a pause in singing, Adele admitted to ‘facing her fears’ by playing to a stadium instead of a smaller arena, and for the little girls out there, also admitted to having so much makeup on… she doesn’t ‘look like this normally’, she reassured them.

Adele has remained unapologetically herself throughout her rise to fame, allowing her authenticity to practically become her trademark…the very thing that endears herself to so many of us. She brings her personality to her craft and doesn’t feel any requirement to fit into a box of how an entertainer ‘should’ look like or behave.

It was time for her to pull someone on stage and she remembered a gentleman in the nearby row that was crying during her opening song. So up he went. She gave him a hug and before we knew what was taking place, another gentleman was up on stage, proposing. He was hoping his dream may just come true tonight…and it did. There was a huge cheer and applause as these two men confirmed their love in such a public way, and in this political climate, this was a beautiful endorsement for people just wanting to love and be loved. It was very touching.

During a very short break, and still my tears flowed once ‘kiss cam’ commenced. This is the camera directed onto a few people in any given row, encouraging any who may be a couple, to face each other for a little kiss; they see themselves on the big screen, laugh, and wave to the rest of us as we cheered them on. For those few minutes again, we were united in an emotion of togetherness, fuelling feelings of connection between us all. Nothing else mattered but for love and friendships however they presented themselves… and later, the spotlight was shone onto the parents and their children. This relationship was also celebrated during a moving rendition of one of her popular songs.

Of course, throughout, Adele would say hello to those nearby holding posters, and at one point, paused to have fun dispatching signed tee shirts from a launching gun. We were able to see the recipients on screen…they were not anonymous…they had a face.

We experienced some raw emotion from Adele as she introduced one of her songs (I’ll keep something hidden in case you see her in your country one day too), explaining that she had written the song she needed to write as ‘a cleansing’ for the torment she felt during a relationship break up. She didn’t attempt to write a winning song…but wrote from her heart, compelled to put her thoughts on paper in order to make sense of what was crumbling around her. This was a gateway to a new beginning.
This actually resonated deeply with me as a new blogger. I actually expand a little more on that in a coming post, but for now, I believe it’s a brilliant message for us all to remember that in order to be authentic, we are invited to write, paint, dance… create, however we are called by the universe, and pursue our own truth…as we are inspired, there is a healing, a growth from a new awakening that envelopes us. If what we create resonates with only one other person, we have shared our gift for the benefit of another…fulfilled our purpose. What more could we ask in speaking our truth?

Some more inspiration from Adele…
She began singing with an audience of two, one being her Mother. And just look at her now, simply by being herself and writing for her own cleansing….truly awesome.
It’s a gentle reminder that we all start somewhere humble, and it can seem like nothing is changing…until one day, some things fall into beautiful place and it’s our turn to step up, face our fears and move to a new challenge in our evolution or creativity. This for me was incredibly powerful.

Finally, as she was pouring her heart out through her transparency, she explained how her tumultuous past enabled her to be the person she is today; happier and more content than before. She encouraged everyone who is feeling low, experiencing a relationship breakdown, or another difficult time in their life, that things will improve…that we can be happy, finding ourselves engaged fully in life once again, with renewed strength and resilience.

As one final little piece of the puzzle, on the trip back to the other end of the city, the trams were again full, with people sharing their excitement and I can now admit…I overheard some people sharing the moment they began welling with tears too…
So, in answer to why I, and it appears were many others, were moved by this concert…
…we were stirred by emotion, and invited to ‘feel’,
…we were experiencing mindfulness by being fully present in the music,
…we were a united consciousness for the evening, in flow, as possibly we could feel this oneness,
…we were inspired to remember that after the rain comes the sunshine,
…we understand what it takes to be authentic under all circumstances, resisting changing to simply fit a particular expectation.

Adele, you have a true gift of empowering your audience through your kind gestures, encouragement and connecting us through emotion…
You became one of us, unaffected by fame through your honesty and authenticity.
….You dared us to dream a little dream…to believe in fairy-tales again, as we thought perhaps…just perhaps…

Thank you, and bless you, Adele…❤


55 thoughts on “Love really is…all around us. Part two

  1. Wonderful post Di. Your words transported me to the concert. You’re a very good writer! 😊
    I love Adele and her songs too. And I love your post. Thank you for sharing your take-aways from the concert! ❤

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    1. Hello Nina!
      Thank you so much for visiting this post and for your very kind words.
      I’m so glad you could feel the concert through this post. That was certainly my hope and I’m touched.
      Thank you agin for your lovely support 💐💕

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      1. That’s really amazing to hear that Nina.
        As I’m very new to writing, just because I added words to my posts on Instagram, I was receiving the ‘passive’ kind of encouragement. That led to me starting this blog and loving putting words together as much as taking photos, to create something meaningful and often, what I need to hear for myself.
        So that’s why I value your beautifully kind words very much.
        Thank you dear Nina 💜✨✨

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      2. Many people likes to write…more are even very passionate- but not all passionate writers are talented and gifted…you’re definitely one of those who have the gift!…the comments on your articles would agree with me! 😊 I should be the one thanking you for inspiring us with your beautiful talent!

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    1. Thank you so much Nikki. Absolutely only wonderful things to say about her. She really was as endearing as we think.
      Thank you for stopping by to read this post. I really appreciate it 🌹💕


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed part 2 of your Adele experience. So much to ponder and delve into, amongst those words of yours, Di. It’s hard to find anything different to add to the comments that have already been so eloquently expressed. You have some beautiful followers here. But I do agree that reading your story allowed us who were not there to feel a part of that special night. 💜💜

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    1. Hello Kim and thank you so much for your kind and very encouraging words.
      I’m touched that it resonated with you and you could feel included. Above all, I’m happy you were able to read the lovely messages of inspiration from Adele.
      Thank you again for stopping by here and reading. I really appreciate it 💕💐


  3. Aaww I love your ‘I like who I am when I am with you’,
    This surely is love.

    But you wrote your experience wonderfully Di, you recreated it with a clear image as if we were there too.


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  4. Oh Di!!!!! This is such a brilliant post (I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record)!! You are such a giver of good feelings!! Like a human smiley face 😉

    I am so thrilled that Adèle was able to give you such a wonderful show and connection!

    On the other hand, YOU make me want to quit my job and do better things with my life! I started reading the book you recommended. It’s so inspirational; one day I will definitely bite the bullet and do something worthwhile, which will give more meaning to my life.

    For now, I have to go through the day to day work stuff (like a zombie most days) because I have no choice but to work in order to afford my apartment, food and all the rest of it. But one day……………..

    Thanks for being you and for your constant support!! <3<3<3

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    1. Hello my lovely Cynthia🌸
      Your contribution to my post is humbling, beautiful and honest all at once.
      These comments mean so much to me. So much so, that I’ve been contemplating how to respond. I take this very seriously, as dabbling with people’s dreams is hugely important.
      Firstly, I’m so touched that you bought the Big Magic book and are enjoying it so much. It’s really inspiring to encourage our creativity and confidence.
      I’m thrilled you enjoyed the wisdom from Adele too. It was more than just her singing as you now see.
      As you are an artist (yes, present tense) your gifts are already there, waiting for the good rain to provide nourishment so you can bloom into your creativity. I understand you have to work to pay your bills and rent but is it also possible to begin with a baby step towards your career of which you dream? Just pulling out your easel or whatever your art required…and just feel the flow again? The Law of Atttaction states positive actions and thoughts beget more of these.
      As well as the statement ‘I AM….’ as in little affirmations. I’m hoping to delve more into the power of these in future posts. ‘I am creative’ is in a way why I called myself ‘creative di’ when I began my Instagram journey. Please use it too if you think it’s a fit for you.
      We can chat more in a DM if you prefer. This is a topic very dear to me.
      Thank you so much for your wonderful, encouraging words dear Cynthia. They mean the world….❤💐


    1. Hello Brad!
      Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read my post. I understand it was a long one and I’m touched that you were able to obtain those thoughts from my writing.
      Yes, here’s to spreading the love.
      Have a great week and sending a hug back to you too 🌟🌹

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  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this Di and wow! your photo of the stadium is wonderful, capturing the powerful presence of so many people together. Adele is certainly grounded and authentic, just being herself and sharing from her heart 💜💜💜what a gift she is sharing with us all. I loved and appreciated all of your insights from this wonderful experience. Thank you 🙏🌟💫😍🌹xo

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    1. Hello dear Carol🌹
      Firstly, thank you so much for visiting my post. I truly am grateful for that.
      Secondly, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I’m thrilled that her message resonated with you too. It was something too special to keep to myself.
      Thank you again for reading and leaving your lovely contribution. May you have a blessed week,

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  6. Di this is so incredibly touching. I have always loved Adele’s music but knew little about her. The fact that she opened up herself to the world flaws and all and remains humble and authentic is something to be said. It reminds me too to rake chance and write from the heart. A lovely thought provoking post. You touched me his morning. Thank you! Xoxo

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    1. Hello dear Nicole💐
      It’s always such a thrill to have you stop by my posts.
      Thank you sincerely for your kindest of comments and I’m honoured.
      Yes, Adele certainly has some lovely advice about being authentic and writing from our heart.
      To know I’ve touched you through my words has made my day.
      Thank you again, and for your awesome support that means so much 💕

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      1. That’s really lovely Nicole. Thank you. I wish I did too 🌸 and I actually admitted to my hubby recently that I’ve got a bad case of Wanderlust…to meet people with whom I have a growing connection… like I do with you 🙋❤

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      2. Oh thanks! I’m back home now Di. Had such a wonderful trip. It was the best trip we have ever shared as a family. So adventurous. I can’t wait to write all about it. It will take me a long time. 🙂 Yes, I wish we lived closer. Someday I hope to meet you!

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      3. Oh that’s awesome to see, Nicole. Ok so glad.
        Oh goody… that means a good few blog posts potentially to continue my vicarious jungle adventure 😍😍🌟

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  7. Your writing about this experience made me feel as if I’d been there. Thank you for taking us there! watched a televised concert of hers that I think was recorded in New York City. I cried through pretty much the entire thing.
    But I’m brought to tears any time I see someone who is passionate about what they’re doing. Even my 4 yo granddaughter who feels the music and dances with abandon; I well up every time. And she’s just dancing in the kitchen. And then I have to tell her that tears aren’t just for sadness, but joy as well.
    Your thought provoking posts do that for me quite often. And I am thankful for the emotions they invoke. As the young ones say: That gives me “all the feels.”

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    1. Hello dear Kathy🌹
      I’m touched that you read my post and I just want to say thank you so much for this and your kind words too.
      How gorgeous that your little granddaughter ‘feels’ the music too… and I love your advice to her that tears aren’t for sadness. May I put that into my notebook on how to be a good grandma? Teaching little ones these things is so important as well as letting them know there is no shame in showing emotion. You are lovely.
      As for my posts giving you ‘the feels’…well, I’m truly touched and I’ve also learnt a great new expression!
      Thank you again sincerely Kathy ❤🌈


  8. Love this post Di. Once again you’ve been able to capture not just the vibe and feel of the concert but the palpable emotion that must have been so strong amongst the thousands that were there. Your words are captivating and you have such a gift of putting us there with you, right in the moment. Yes, Adele is raw and authentic and has an amazing voice but you, my dear lovely lady, have exactly the same. ❤️ Beautifully written. xo

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  9. I had tears in my eyes as I read this – you have painted such a beautiful picture of this incredible experience. Shamefully, I admit that I am a little envious of the evening you spent with her, BUT, because of the way you wrote this, Adele has inspired me and reminded me that under no circumstances should I ever be anything less than authentic and that pain is essential to growth. Adele embodies tolerance, acceptance and believes that all people are equal and for those things alone, I will always love and adore her. Di, thank you for sharing your night with all of us, and through your eyes, helping me believe in magic just a little bit more today. You are a beautiful soul and love really is all around!

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    1. Oh Tanya… I have tingles reading your beautiful comments. You encourage me like you’ll never know and help me realise that if only one person enjoys my post, well then my job is done. That line was true when I wrote it and even though we love a large audience… we write to help people feel… and if I have enabled that for you, dear Tanya, I’m touched.
      And yes, as your title includes being a dreamer….believe in them and the magic they bring you and I’m humbled this post helps you believe a little harder today…
      Thank you again for such kindness… you are amazing ❤❤

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      1. If we can’t make people feel, then what is even the point of writing anything? You most certainly succeeded in delivering a piece of writing that made me and so many others feel absolutely wonderful while reading this! 🙂

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      2. Thank you so much Tanya… yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic this week. Asking myself whether that should be my reason for writing, knowing people are often very coy in ‘feeling’ especially expressing those feelings. But as you kindly mentioned, whats the use of going through life not feeling? And my conclusion was that we attend things like movies, dance, concerts etc to name a few in order to…. be moved….to feel.
        So I truly appreciate hearing your thoughts too. Always will, Tanya. Thank you my dear 💝🌈🌈

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      3. Di, you nailed it! We should all feel as much as we can and it is an incredible honour knowing that the words we write have the power to offer ideas and evoke emotion. Keep doing exactly what you are doing, it means something! 🙂

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      4. Wonderful. I hear it’s beautiful and that you are connected with us over here as sister cities (Vancouver) if I’m remembering correctly. Certainly a place on our must visit list Tanya.
        I just thought you may be heading over with your puppy sitting business that has you travel, as you’ve mentioned. I hoped we may be next on your list??
        Have a wonderful week my friend… 🙋💕

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  10. You have re-created the environ on this post. As if I was there and felt those moments.It beautifully depicts a clear image in the mind of Her interaction ,engagement and the whole unified atmosphere
    I felt the same as you have felt, nothing got slipped, Or may be 10% more, as now I am more eager to explore her music further.
    Simply Beautiful.

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    1. Hello my lovely friend!
      This is so kind and so encouraging. You don’t know how much your amazing loyalty means to me…. I don’t think words will ever do it justice and thank you never seems enough.
      I’m touched to read you would like to learn more about her from the feelings stirred in you.
      ‘Thank you’ sincerely is all I can do 🌟🌟🌟💜


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