Time for us all to bloom…

Image by Di

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” Brené Brown

Hello and welcome to the good news…it’s now time to reveal the person that’s been there all along, that for some of us, shame and fear of vulnerability became The Way. I hope you have your celebratory cuppa to share with me as you read…

I’m never going to say I’m a done deal, but with time, I can see that a different way of thinking beckons.
I’m using the second person terminology but this is for me as much as it is for you…🌹


now it’s time to be unashamedly you! Quirks and wobbly bits galore as only you can do. You’ll see some glimpses of a different, but not new, you, so please choose to love and accept them. It will feel strange to begin with when you start to live the life you have wanted to live, no longer feeling like hiding yourself.  I became a paradox, in a way… on one hand the urge to appear as if everything was flowing smoothly and not admitting to having any ‘issues’ of my own, whilst on the other hand, I’d happily tell you about my short comings, almost as if to apologise for them. I think being a young mum, I began a path to appearing like I was the perfect one and ‘no…my children can do no wrong’…
Begin today to be real and authentic, and don’t apologise for being who you are.’ Di

Radiate joy and excitement when you feel it, almost with childlike enthusiasm. It’s infectious, as are all emotions. Being ‘over-excited’ was always directed towards me as a criticism… no longer am I attempting to contain this part of me.
I have things now that ignite me like never before and I’m not going to hide what makes me feel this way any more…you have my blessing to also become excited and show your passion for what matters…it’s a GOOD thing!

Find a swing and go for your life on it, conjuring up happy memories when you’d sit for hours, only stopping when someone else wanted their turn….give yourself permission to be silly and have fun, once again loving sparkles, rainbows, glitter and bubbles, if they are your thing.

“You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability.” Brené Brown


A Manifesto part 1.

Created by Di

It may take some time and patience to begin to see yourself in a new light…you may feel like an imposter or that it’s not really you speaking, wearing, doing or saying things that perhaps may at first feel ‘out of character’…I encourage you to push through. Keep following your dreams and owing the things you love. Hey, you may even discover new things that take your fancy…all because you chose to start on the journey of self acceptance. Before long…you’ll notice the change in yourself, perhaps others will too. Some may think ‘you have changed’ but in reality, you are only revealing the essence of you, the part of you that’s been waiting to show up all along.

Putting yourself out there, being seen, can seem very unfamiliar, but if you have a message, a new purpose, the power to change someone’s life for the better…welcome yourself to a new way. There may be times too, when you ask ‘who am I to be doing this?” Well, all I can say is, ‘who are you not to? Who are you not to live your truth?’…

Times I would normally berate myself now transform into laugh out loud moments…basically you will free yourself from the compulsion to appear perfect. I have a sticky note on my mirror in the bathroom that states…
‘Release the need to be perfect…’ It carried me through last year and is still there. After a lifetime of being hard on yourself, be gentle as you navigate your new existence.

And what freedom that is!
When we shine our true nature, it affords others the chance to do the same, so we are doing the world a favour by being unabashedly authentic…After all, you spend more time with yourself than anyone else…

Sometimes, people or events in your life will appear that have you question yourself again, and you’ll wonder how far you’ve really come: See them as perfectly timed serendipitous moments designed to keep you focused on where you are heading.
Like taking the worn down path across the dewy grass, it will take time to forge a new route, one that seems very unfamiliar, but with daily practise through affirmations, the manifestos below, and listening to inspiring speakers, the new path becomes easier to see.

I offer you these Manifestos and if they resonate for you, please feel free to use anything as your ‘sticky note’ on your bathroom mirror…

A Manifesto part 2.

Created by Di

I’m including two links for TEDx talks by one of my favourite thought leaders, Qualitative researcher, Brené Brown, who has created a beautiful self-acceptance movement through the power of Vulnerability and relinquishing Shame.
These mean such a lot to me and I’m offering these to you now…with my highest intentions…

Above all, enjoy being you…be your biggest fan.

Thank you for reading,
Much love,
Di xx ❤️


58 thoughts on “Time for us all to bloom…

  1. Another inspirational post. And you are very right, each of us should unashamedly be who we are. Accept ourselves and love ourselves. It all starts with self-acceptance. Thanks for the link to Brené Brown’s Ted Talk. Very interesting.

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    1. Hello dear Otto,
      That’s so lovely of you to find my post. Thank you so much and I’m so happy you could find value in my share of Brené’s talk. She is doing amazing things with her research.
      I really appreciate you having a listen and sharing your thoughts.
      Best wishes,
      Di (I will catch up with your inspiring posts soon most certainly. I have some advice I’d love from you if you didn’t mind?)
      Thank you Otto 💐💐✨✨

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      1. I know you will Otto. Thank you. It’s more about copyright.
        I had my tripod and was politely told I couldn’t take a photo of a building here as it was private and need permission. I’ve since discovered a lot of London including parks, are included. Kind of dampens my enthusiasm to make a little book or have them hanging in a cafe etc…(I still dream✨✨) so I’d love your thoughts and if you have experienced the same thing pleas Otto. It’s not something that we hear about so much.
        Please take your time replying. I know you have a lot to do too.
        Thank you for reading,
        Di 🙋🏻💐💐


      2. This is a very difficult question to give a clear answer to. Mostly because laws that involves copyright and protection of privat properties differ from one country to another.

        Unfortunately I don’t know how the law is in Great Britain. But I know this much that both France and Great Britain has a stricter approach to what can be photographed than other European countries.

        In my country, Norway, for instance there is hardly any restrictions on the actual photographing itself in public spaces. That’s the case in most European countries. It’s how you use the photos afterwards that is regulated. For instance, you cannot print or use photos of children without the parents’ consent. Likewise you cannot use photos of anything that is copyright protected if that is the main subject in a photo. For instance a sculpture in a park, this you can photograph freely in any shape and form you want. But if it’s the actual subject of the photo, you cannot publish the photo without consent of those of owning the copyright. If on the other hand, the sculpture is only used in the background and something else is the actual subject, you are free to use it as you want.

        To complicate things even further, anything that has a copyright protection and is older than 70 years of if the creator died more than 70 years ago, you can reproduce the item freely, for example publish a photo of a sculpture that was created by a sculpturer who died 70 years ago.

        So you see, copyright laws and laws for protecting private property and privacy is a complicated matter. And then, all I have written here doesn’t matter since the laws in Great Britain are different. I used to know the different laws in Europe before when I was head of a freelance organization, but now I am out of the loop.

        The only thing I can add, is that I have been to London and Great Britain many times, and never bother about the issue you raise. I am not biding you to break the laws, but I also think you need to have a little bit of perspective on use and what you are photographing.

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      3. Hello Otto,
        Thank you so much for your well thought out and helpful reply. I do appreciate it.
        It really is a minefield isn’t it! And to have different laws in different countries too. I learnt that the Sydney Opera House is under the same rule. A big week of learning…
        Perhaps I’ll stick to macro and no one needs to know where I am!
        Perspective is a good piece of advice.
        Thank you again Otto.
        Kind regards,
        Di 💐🙋🏻


    1. Hello Sarah,
      Thank you so much for visiting by post and leaving your supportive comments. They have made my day. I felt like I was withering instead of blooming today, so you have inspired me. Thank you again 🙏🏼💐

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  2. Thanks for these lovely and encouraging words Di. You haven’t heard from me or seen many blogs recently because I’ve been in a bit of a dip, to say the least, which happens from time to time with me. But I feel I’m slowly clambering up out of the valley. I’m going to read your posts to help, as they are full of optimism, although sometimes I feel I am lacking the emotional energy to put them into practice. Blessings. Denzil

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    1. Hello Denzil,
      Thank you for sharing your heartfelt message here with me. I was actually thinking about you this morning.
      That means a lot to know you feel welcome to open up about your ‘dip’ which I’m thinking may mean you have met some very difficult times.
      I hope you always feel like you can be yourself here and share your thoughts between I believe, very kind and understanding folks who read and comment. There is hope and healing in the sharing.
      May you find peace again very soon and I’d love it if I’d you were able to keep in touch…
      Thank you again for reaching out, and your very kind words about my blog. They mean so much more than you could imagine…
      We are all here for each other…
      Warmest regards from Di 🌹

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post, Di. Isn’t one of the biggest struggles in life not worrying about if people like you or what they think? Once people figure out, though, that it doesn’t matter, its absolutely intoxicating. And a feeling of immense freedom. We all bring something to the table in this life, it is what makes the world such an interesting place, and I wish we didn’t try so hard to please other people by meeting their expectations instead of our own. I have learned to never compromise who I am, for anyone, and it has changed my life. We all get one shot, and I intend to ensure that when I exit stage left, it is with a smile on my face because I lived exactly as I wanted. And I had a blast! ‘Be your biggest fan’ – YES! I love all of this Di, and am fairly certain you are spreading the self-love bug! Good for you! 👏💕

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    1. Hello dear Tanya,
      Thank you for adding your awesome, inspiring thoughts here.
      I love reading your words and yes, the freedom self acceptance brings is truly amazing. I was only thinking about the impact I am noticing just before I read your kind message here and agree….attempting to please others all the time means we lose much of who we are.
      I really appreciate your support of my spreading the self love idea.
      It’s a biggie from what I hear and read…
      In gratitude…
      Di 💕💐

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  4. Oh, Di, I so completely love this post. You are an inspiration with accepting and loving yourself exactly as you are. That is a key for me in my own growth too! And I just did an intro “The Soothing Voice of Forgiveness” that has a lot to do with exactly what you’re sharing. So touched. ❤

    Laugh out loud – I'd love to hear it all the way over here in L.A. You have a bright light, and glad to see you sharing it. Big smiles, Di. Good on you and many blessings. Debbie ps – how did you make those neat signs?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello dear Debbie,
      Thank you so much for your positive energy in your comments… yes, I can see we are certainly on a similar path but making some great inroads…
      I really appreciate you saying I’m a shining light, as you will understand, that means such a lot.
      As for the photos, I learnt about it in my photography course through an app that allows text so it’s utter fun and I love creating them. Please feel free to use them if they resonate for you, or, send me some words or affirmations you love and I’ll make some for you…🌈
      Hugs and wishing you many blessings too my friend,
      Di 💜💜


  5. What a magical post Di and I love the colourful manifestos you have created. I couldn’t agree more with your perspective and what particularly stood out for me was expressing the child in ourselves…being silly, laughing and having fun. I have made a new friend in the past year in Adelaide and we do silly things and roar with laughter and it feels so damn good 😄😄😄. For me, being a perfectionist has held me hostage for most of my life, but I am now replacing this with appreciation and it is so much more enriching. Thank you for another fabulous share which provides a space for us all to be present and catch up with our own inner happenings. .You are such a treasure and I am so happy that you treasure yourself for the true gift that you are in the world. Much love, Carol 🌹🌹🌹

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    1. Hello lovely Carol,
      Your kindest of compliments calling this ‘magical’ has made my day… and I cannot thank you enough for your very encouraging contribution to this post by sharing your lovely story. How wonderful to find someone you can roar with laughter with…that’s a special thing to share with someone and perhaps we don’t do enough of. Things can get quite serious can’t they!
      Ah perfectionism… I understand that. For me it’s wrapped around a fear of not feeling good enough and is a huge part of this journey to self acceptance. Appreciation for yourself now must feel so good and very liberating at the same time. I’m so thrilled to read this Carol.
      I’m glad that you enjoyed my manifestos. Feel welcome to use them if they resonated with you.
      I’m humbled by your last sentence and may I say I reciprocate the thoughts after getting to know you through other means.
      Sending hugs and gratitude for you being here…
      Love, Di 💐💜🌹


      1. Thank you for responding to my message Di…I have only just picked this up probably because I must have forgot to press the link to receive notifications on the post 😦😦😦. As you can tell, technology and me are struggling 😄😄😄. Yes, appreciation for all our quirks and wobbles is very liberating 😙😄…the ability to laugh at ourselves is self-acceptance isn’t it and it’s a beautiful thing 💜💜💜 Thanks magical Di 😍😄😍💫⭐️🌹Xo

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      2. Hello my dear friend,
        You know I understand completely, so it’s quite alright. Its all a bit overwhelming I know. It’s lovely to hear from you anytime. And such amazing words about this post…it’s a journey in progress, but one in which I can start to see the positives of liberating ourselves towards self-acceptance.
        I value your contributions and warm words here…so encouraging💐
        Thank you sincerely Carol 💕🌹


    1. Ah hello to you!
      Thank you so much for reading my post. Welcome to the journey too… we are all assisting each other in this one. I’ve written about embracing my flaws in a post… a very freeing thing to reword them and see them in a new light.
      I really appreciate you adding your thoughts here… you will always be welcome. And I’m sure you will gain much from the book… I’ve read it too and I love it 💐🌟

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    1. Hello Brigid,
      Oh I’m so glad you received it and the boost as well. It was my pleasure to write one for you.
      Thank you for your kind words… yes all good this weekend so far.
      Happy weekend too 🙋🏻💕

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    1. Hello Jacqueline,
      I’ve just written on your About section but I’ll say it here too.. what a beautiful surprise to see your notification this morning! I was jumping around the kitchen. It means more than you’ll know and all I can say is again, thank you. I’m off to read the other posts now.
      A bientôt,
      Di from Melbourne 💐💕

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  6. Dear Di,
    I know you really meant it and …i feel it , i see it everyday :).
    And Yes I agree “ let’s say I ‘allowed’ “ So true ..So so true.
    And I am glad you will remember me for long time. It’s feel nice 🙂
    And yes, it’s been a self-exploration for me as well to be associated with you.
    Love & Care

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    1. I will remember you for a very long time dear ArtOfMobile. And with every post of yours, I hope that person may also receive their little piece of encouragement too…
      Thank you for another lovely reply.
      Love and a hug from me 💐😍


  7. Your posts always move me Di. I loved this and could feel the emotion in every word you wrote, straight from the heart. I think all of us are traveling along the same road, seeking that purpose and trying to rediscover who we really are to allow us to truly bloom. Sometimes life’s curves and challenges can veer us off course and we need to rediscover ourselves again. That’s where I’m at. Thank you for another inspirational read which I thoroughly enjoyed. Love those manifestos too. Just wonderful. 💕xo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello dear Miriam,
      That’s so lovely…. and your responses always move me in return. Thank you sincerely. Just know you are certainly not alone in rediscovering yourself again but I believe we will all get each other over the line, one shared vulnerability at a time…
      I’m so happy you enjoyed the manifestos too.
      I really am grateful for you. Your kindness shines in every word 🦋💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you dear Di. It’s so good to know that we’re not alone in this and that we can all lift each other up. Keep shining lovely lady. Your posts are always such a joy to read. xo 💕

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    1. That’s awesome Nicole! I’d be honoured. I can send it via another method if this doesn’t copy across well from the post. How much does this encourage me??? Well, I can tell you… more than you can imagine. You have been there from day one and I value you so much 🙏🏼💕


  8. Love his Di! Your manifestos are awesome! It is true we can oftentimes be our worst enemy. It is so important to be compassionate to others and ourselves. Our roles as mothers sometimes make us focus more on our families than ourselves. Something I’m trying to work on. Me time! 😌

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    1. That’s such a beautiful addition to my post Nicole. Thank you so much for your kind words….and yes, your thoughts on us as mothers ring true. You are in the midst of those years with family at home but I can see you are carving out a path for your other passion to carry you well into those ‘other years’. That will make such a difference. And I’m happy to see you are making time for yourself now. All the best 💕


    1. Oh Brigid… your lovely comments made me smile… especially about the over excited part. Thank you thank you for these wonderful words about my post. They mean so much. Hope you had a great day. Hugs to you 🙋🏻💕

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  9. There is a force when I read your passage. I closed my eyes to think how I felt it and there was a force I felt.I wanted to think but it went blank. My belief is, you have written this with lot of inner-strength which unleashed as one reads, Or maybe I was numbed for a while 🙂 ..quite a possibility in my case :).
    But in either way, I learnt so many things. It’s a direct, to the point call . I choose to put the sticker “Be Kind” and “Allow”. I have put them on my mobile screen which I frequently look at.
    There will never be a way to thank you, So I can only offer you a distant love and some wet eyes with gratitude.

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    1. Hello dear ArtOfMobile….
      … I read your amazing message as I was heading off for the night and was speechless. I wanted to let it sit with me for a while because I was so taken by your comments. They brought a tear to my eyes too.
      Thank you thank you for such positive feedback and you are correct, I wrote it with much passion…. the poor keyboard!
      I’m touched beyond words that you have already chosen your reminder words. I do believe you are already living the ‘be kind’ one but it always helps to ‘see’ it to realise the connotations….
      You don’t have to thank me. I’m finally just ‘allowing’ too. And without your first mention of my word in Instagram posts… I wouldn’t be here or possibly still there. So I thank you instead.
      I feel your distant love and I hope you feel mine in return… 💐💕


      1. Dear Di,

        It’s your immense kindness to say so. I might have been a medium to provide you what you needed.Which even I do not know.
        All this connections looks very weird.
        But then you may agree…..What you ask for it and you will be answered…in some way or other.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Dear ArtOfMobile,
        You know I mean it, and that’s why I mention you everywhere I can… let’s say I ‘allowed’ something or someone beautiful to show me the way… and there you were, firstly giving me my first feature. I’ll always remember. I was sitting on a bus with my hubby in Tasmania, the place that truly had me fall in love with photography. I happened to glance at my phone and there was your repost of my photo taken from down in Tassie…. things took such a different turn from then on….🙏🏼💕💕


  10. “Time for us all to bloom”, “Be your biggest fan” , “sit with sad, it’s ok” – perfect! And I love the concept of honouring your inner child by alllowing ourselves to be silly, etc. The need to seem perfect or the desire to hide our flaws is friggin’ exhausting. And we’re only assuming that those flaws are ‘bad’ or unacceptable to others when in fact they could be our greatest assets. It’s been said before by whomever that “someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business” and that is so true but boy is it hard to let go of wanting to KNOW what their opinion is! I wonder if we ever get over that need to be liked and therefore hide the ‘bad’ bits? I guess we can conquer it if we work at it……..I may have a LOT of work ahead of me! Hehe…. Oh, I may be rabbiting on a bit here and possibly drifting off topic…… Love those manifestos too! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kim,
      Thank you for your very welcome thoughts here on such a huge and important topic.
      I’m intrigued about the need to be liked and feeling like we have to hide our ‘bad bits’. This is just what I’m hoping the quotes and addition of Brené will help us all realise… what’s ‘perfect’ for one type isn’t for another… so at some stage, any given person will always find something to find fault with if they choose to.
      And she teaches us that it’s ok to just ‘do you’.
      Baby steps and those little reminders. …
      I happen to think you’re pretty awesome as I find you 💕
      Thank you for reading and leaving your lovely words 💐


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