Pondering Photography…


“Enhance your energy field with photographs. You may find it difficult to believe that photography is a form of energy reproduction and that every photograph contains energy.”
Dr Wayne Dyer from his book, ‘The Power of Intention.’

Welcome, and please join me for a quick cuppa today,

It’s perhaps no secret that I have fallen head over heels in love with photography…
I continually seek to discover why it’s magic taken a hold…

You may think, why worry about the ‘why’ and just go with it. And for the most part, I do too, but as you know if you have read my previous posts, I have studied so many courses in energy healing and…

Oh my goodness! I just had my ‘aha’ moment as I’m typing this! The power of the equivalent of journaling…

…I am using photography as my method of healing through the capturing, the post-production and posting of my photographs…
I’m still using the energy medicine I love so much, but in a most unexpected way…

I’ve read the quote by Dr Dyer already a few times, but it’s only here just in this moment, that it has truly resonated with its full meaning for me.

Photography is only one creative endeavour that would offer this transfer of energy and in fact, is just a small part of Chapter Four in his book, which discusses the many ways it’s possible to raise our energy vibrations…

Every photograph that someone will deem as beautiful has the capacity to send those healing energies, and in my own way, this is perhaps how I am supposed to heal, through my creativity, through my passion, through finding my joy.

Is this the point of finding our purpose and making the world a better place?
Can it be as simple as finding our joy?

Raising the vibration of myself and those who view my and others’ photographs, or any other beautiful creation?

Enabling people to grant themselves permission to simply ‘feel’, to express their emotions, to reminisce, to shed a tear, to be inspired, to heal…?

I very recently purchased a camera to encourage me to learn more about this art. I still love my iPhone camera, but the ability to use zoom with a view to enlarging prints, was calling me strongly.

There is something about capturing something I find beautiful in a precise moment in time.
There is a power, an urge to create, a thrill that’s difficult to describe…
It’s a very subjective thing of course, but there will be a time when something we create resonates profoundly with another human being.

Otto, in his wonderful photography blog, In Flow, discusses a poignant aspect of photography in his post about finding our ‘voice’, our photographic signature, and indeed runs workshops about discovering this very thing.
Thank you Otto, you have given me something upon which to ponder…
What is my signature, how shall I share my ‘voice’ through my captures as I move forward in this creative endeavour?

“Start before you’re ready. Good things happen when we start before we’re ready.”
Steven Pressfield.

With these wise words in mind, I’m publishing an image that I would consider far from being ‘ready’, after taking my new camera out on its first photoshoot…
It’s a blurry but cute Platypus complete with date stamp that I hadn’t realised I’d accidentally added…
****note to self, don’t forget to turn the camera to portrait mode for a different aspect***


A Platypus swimming happily in the Alfred Nicolas Gardens not far from Melbourne, Australia


May this, as well as an inspiring article in the link in the above quote, offer encouragement to anyone waiting to be ‘perfect’ at something before beginning…
waiting for that ‘right’ time..

We could well wait forever…

Just start. I encourage you to take that first step in whatever you feel is calling you…together we can grow into our journey ahead, as we watch it unfold before us…

Thank you for being here,
Much love from Di 💜



49 thoughts on “Pondering Photography…

  1. There is definitely power in photography and how very true that it’s the equivalent of journalling, another way of expressing ourself. I really love this post Di. Otto has a wonderful blog too doesn’t he? Enjoy your new camera my friend and keep inspiring us. Big hugs to you xo 💖💚

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    1. Hello Miriam,
      Thank you for finding this post and leaving your lovely and kind thoughts. Photography is certainly powerful.
      I’m making slow but steady progress with the camera, thank you 🙏🏼
      Yes, Otto has a great blog. I’m glad you know about him already.
      I really appreciate you here, and sending hugs to you in return 🙋🏻💕

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      1. You certainly know how to impact people in such a positive way with your combination of gorgeous photos and heartfelt sentiments Di. I love your posts.💖
        How are all your preparations going? I hope all is well with you. Hugs and love. 💕

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      2. That means so much coming from you, my friend. I read everywhere that you are a favourite blogger of many so your thoughts are so special. Thank you🙏🏼💐
        And the prep is going well. Just waiting for the visa to come through and then we can book flights. Have to endure an intensive medical tomorrow!
        Hope we can make a date to chat very soon.
        Hope too, that you are settling back home easily?

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      3. Yes, I’m settling back into life well Di , things are busy with catching up with school commitments, family etc.
        Glad to hear that preps are going well for you, good luck with that medical tomorrow.
        Yes, I can feel another date coming on very soon. Can’t wait to catch up. Until then, take care and sending a big hug xo 😘

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      4. I’m glad you are settling back well, my dear friend. It’s always tough ending such an adventure.
        I understand life will be busy for a little while…
        Thank you, yes, they are coming along and thank you re- tomorrow! I hope I’m as well as I feel!
        See you soon and big hug back Miriam 🙋🏻💕

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    1. You’re welcome Otto, it was a pleasure and I had a feeling you were away from your blog for a while. I understand and I’m glad you found the little pingback eventually.
      Yes, I’ll look forward to your new post. Thank you for your well wishes about my photography…lots of practise required,
      Di 🙂💐

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  2. Lovely post Di! I love photography however still. Wed to learn how to use my camera off the auto settings. I do a lot in Lightroom with adjusting and also on Instagram with creating the photo I like. It is my creative energy and outlet like writing too. I am planning on taking a photography class this fall and starting to truly learn the functions of my camera! It has been a life long dream!

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    1. Hello Nicole,
      Thank you so much for your thoughts here on my post. I can see you love photography too from all the beautiful images you post… a lot of love in them.
      I’m happy you enjoyed this, and it’s very helpful to learn where you are in your photographic journey.
      Yes, I’m going to start early with using manual mode as well. It’s been a ‘language’ that has intrigued me and one I really aim to master.
      Wishing you all the best in your class this fall… I may do the same thing 🙂💐

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  3. I am slow to pick up the “photography bug” probably because I find more connection through sketching, but your comment about using photography as a sort of journaling really resonated with me.
    A picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe… the healing energy of a thousand candles.

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    1. Hello Gabe,
      Thank you for your lovely thoughts and from reading this book, absolutely any activity that creates joy for you and your audience will raise your vibration and heal. In the chapter I referred to, Dr Dyer also stated that being in nature, kindness, music, yoga class (downward dogs!!), swimming etc can all produce the same effect. So your wonderful drawings would be the same as photography and any other creative outlet I’m sure.
      ‘Healing energy of a thousand candles’… I love that.
      Thank you again Gabe…💐🙋🏻

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      1. Oh no! I know from another post of yours you commented on adding yet another recommendation… sorry to make your pile even taller, Gabe 🤔👌 But I’m secretly glad, and I know you’ll enjoy it very much 🙋🏻

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  4. Hello dear!!!
    You made a really humble text here…about respecting our own limits and trying to upgrade them a little…everyday…
    I agree taking photos is an art in itself…And learning how a camera works is another too…HAHAHA!!! Our mutual friend, Marie, even had photography courses recently…
    I personnally feel incredibly great while taking photos…like being one with nature and catching those tiny details everywhere…at my own risks sometimes…Oops…
    I am so happy that photography becomes of one your “healing methods” dear!!! Shall it be eternal then…and let’s continue encouraging ourselves…You do a lot to encourage me already with those “song lyrics-images”…I should give some back to you too, it seems…
    Take care and enjoy!!!

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    1. Hello dear François…
      What a beautiful response to my post. It seems that it really resonated for you too, as we certainly share the same love and appreciation for capturing the small details and being one with our subjects. That’s an awesome description. That could also be a reason… we are in flow. I know it’s like a mindful exercise as I cannot be distracted when I’m holding the camera…
      I’m touched by your words about being an inspiration for each other- it’s a wonderful exchange of healing energy in itself, I do believe.
      You have my utmost encouragement my friend, for the goodness you share with so many…
      Wishing you all the best and may you always find beauty in the smallest of everything 💐💕


  5. Good to know how well you have connected to photography. I have a technical background and started photography some decade back, just casually. But slowly it became my second mind. I don’t know how , It became tangible and a force to unleash , as you rightly mentioned “every photograph contain energy”.
    With a new eye and evolving mind and heart I felt strongly to project the consciousness with what I see around. And much more when I started reading photographs, some are so magical that as
    you mentioned “raising the vibration” of yourself.
    Also thanks and appreciate you have encouraged and endorsed “to start before you are ready”. I much agree as I won’t be able to start the Instagram hub if I thought too much 🙂
    Perfection is more like a delusion .. I believe, But learning is a process which yields…and it continues….just like life.

    With Love and Care

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    1. Hello dear ArtOfMobile,
      Thank you so much again for such beautifully crafted thoughts about this post…
      It was interesting too learning about your background and how you arrived at photography. Am I so happy that you didn’t talk yourself out of beginning your Instagram hub. I wouldn’t be here otherwise…
      The ripple effect is pure magic…🌈
      I’m touched that part of my post resonated so well for you.
      Thank you again my friend… I really appreciate hearing from you.
      Learning is certainly a process…such lovely words.
      Sending love and a hug back to you 💐💕


      1. Thanks Di. Being associated with you have given me support and belief for many things.I try to hold on some of the thoughts with an hope it will transform and become natural.Some are actually working but yes sometimes it flip-flops.
        I am positive with my will to change and accept. Let’s see . … the road is fun and challenging. But worth a travel 🙂
        Love & Blessings

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      2. Dear ArtOfMobile,
        What a beautiful message to read. That is such a heartwarming and touching thing for me to know. I’m so grateful and I hope we can always stay in touch.
        I’m truly happy for you that you are able to make those little steps forward towards the change you say you are seeking.
        We all have days where we think we feel nothing has changed, but if we accept those days as part of the journey, and still love ourselves through them…that itself is a huge step forward.
        And yes, this road can certainly be fun and always worth the travel…
        Thank you so much for everything, my friend, and wishing you the very best,
        Love and blessings to you too 🙏🏼💕


  6. Kudos on finding a passion for photography and the joy it brings you. I hadn’t heard the energy transfer aspect before, but it makes sense. Maybe that is why some cultures don’t like being photographed. Photography was my first creative passion and I’m glad to keep it alive in my blog. Enjoy your photographic adventures Di!

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    1. Hello Brad and thank you so much for visiting my post and contributing your lovely thoughts.
      Yes, you may well have given a very meaningful reason about the aversion for some cultures having their photo taken. There is a lot to ponder in that. They may understand that concept. It’s made me more aware too now you mention it.
      It’s great to learn photography was your first creative passion while for me I’m just new to it.
      Thank you again Brad and you too enjoy your adventures for that next capture…
      Hug to you from me 🙋🏻💐

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      1. It will, Brad…
        The lovely young photographer who helped me with my purchase had a beautiful sunset city scape enlarged onto glass… it was an inspiration. She also said she hangs some in cafes with a small price tag next to them. It was certainly food for thought so I’m sharing these ideas with you too now.
        Also, may I take this chance to personally let you know my hubby and I are moving to London for his work so that will offer so many new photo opps. The concept you brought up here in your initial comment was a wonderful reminder if I choose some street photography…
        Thank you for being here in my blogging journey…it means a lot 🙋🏻💐✨

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  7. A wonderful post, Di, about the healing energy of photography. I loved reading it! After a period in my life that gave me much self-doubt, sadness and, although I wasn’t formally diagnosed, depression, photography brought newfound happiness to my life. I started with my iPhone and now I, too, also use a camera. I love the adventure of finding my next shot. But most importantly, my photography has brought wonderful friends like you into my life. For that, I will be forever grateful!

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    1. Hello Susan,
      I was so thrilled to see your name appear in my comments… thank you so much for finding my blog post.
      I’m really happy this resonated for you and that you found healing from your depression through this creative outlet.
      It’s been a real pleasure to have been on the iPhone course journey with you and I’m so touched we met too… thank you for such warm words.
      Wishing you all the best and many wonderful new captures with your cameras.
      Thank you again Susan,
      Di 💕


  8. love your joy of your new found interest Di … those healing vibes can come from meditation, from a picture or photo that resonates with us .. from many different things and they can bring real bliss 🙂

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  9. Thank you for a very thought provoking post Di. I had not really thought of photography as a form of healing energy though I am rarely without my camera. I popped over to Otto’s blog. Like you he is incredibly inspiring. I loved the post about the heavenly wedding versus the hell of drug addiction. Enjoy your new camera. 😍

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    1. Hello dear Brigid,
      Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts here.
      I really enjoyed learning about that aspect of photography so I’m really happy you did too. I know you love your photography as is evident through your flowers and garden images. It’s a comforting thought that you are healing in your own way through flowers and the beautiful energy they possess…
      Thank you for visiting Otto’s blog. Yes, that post was quite eye opening wasn’t it.
      I am really loving my new camera. It’s red too! So much to learn.
      Wishing you a grand summer’s weekend my friend.
      May I also take the chance to let you know my hubby and I are moving to London for his work 😍 Perhaps your kind offer of cake isn’t just a lovely dream any more. I’ll keep you posted of a trip to Donnegal…
      Hugs from Di 😘💕

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      1. Hello again Brigid,
        That’s so lovely of you. Thank you. We would truly love meeting you…😍
        Yes, it will be at least a year up to two. So lots of activity here since Thursday…
        Hence being so behind with reading posts and replying to mine… please excuse me🌹🙋🏻💕

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Michnavs,
      I know! I was totally delighted to see this news too. It was my pleasure to share it. Thank you for your kind comment and for reading my post 🙏🏼💕

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  10. Oh Di, I love this post so much! It warms my heart to know that you have found your purpose and joy – because you are already changing the world and making it a better place. Your passion is contagious, and I for one am inspired by your relentless pursuit of happiness and deeper understanding of who you are. We tend to make things so difficult, but so often all we need to do is stop and listen to our heart because it will lead us to the place we need to be. And you most definitely are where you are meant to be. Your photo is wonderful, and I am so envious that you saw a Platypus! We don’t have those here. Anyway, you are a doll and a special soul, Di. Thanks for the smile and the inspiration. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello lovely, kind Tanya…
      What a beautiful response to my post. I can only say thank you and let you know how much you’ve touched my heart…
      You know how highly I respect you and to read your thoughts here is humbling.
      I’m so happy to be able to offer a little piece of permission for you to follow your heart’s calling too. Yes, we can certainly make life difficult and ‘over-think’… I’m guilty of that one.
      I’m also happy you enjoyed seeing the little platypus here. They are quite unique most certainly.
      Take care and sending a hug from me 💐💕

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